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Join us to take housing out of the hands of governments, estate agents and money-lenders and give it back to people.
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A housing coop
We live in a property in Windsor Terrace with its spectacular views of the Avon Gorge, a house with windows on two sides and equally splendid views.

We have provided permanently affordable homes for 10 people already, sharing bills, garden and laundry facilities in this wonderful Georgian house, which will belong permanently to our Society in the Interests of the Community.
About Us..
The house is a five-storey listed Georgian terraced building in a spectacular situation on an abutment built out into the mouth of the Avon Gorge. From the rear, its views are down the gorge under the Suspension Bridge; from the front, three miles across the valley to Dundry with its Christopher Wren church on the hill. The six neighbouring houses are all still in single family ownership, and community activities - barbecues, Guy Fawkes' bonfire, garden maintenance - are normal, and neighbours helpful, watchful, friendly, willing to take parcels in, for instance.
Our members are running various initiatives and we are also very appreciative of any donations from people who feel moved to support us. We would like to inspire similar projects to ours and demonstrate what can be achieved by people working and living together collaboratively and ethically. If you would like to make a donation however small (or large!), you can donate by PayPal or contact us at